Mary Fitzgerald Bonnet Shares Update on Her and Husband Romain's Baby Journey After Septic Miscarriage

The sun has not set on Mary Fitzgerald Bonnet's journey to baby.

Seven months after sharing she had experienced a pregnancy loss, the Selling Sunset star told E! News in an exclusive interview that she and husband Romain Bonnet will "keep trying at some point" for a child.

"It took a lot longer than I anticipated to just process and heal both emotionally and physically because it was a septic miscarriage," Mary explained. "But I'm better now. We're good, made us stronger." (Tune into E! News tonight, Nov. 7, for from Mary's interview.) 

However, the 43-year-old noted that doctors recently "found some other physical issues that might make it even harder" to conceive, so the couple is in no rush to expand their family, which includes her 26-year-old son Austin Babbitt from a previous relationship.

"I need to go in from more testing to figure out if IVF gonna be the right decision," Mary continued, "or if we try naturally, are there going to be possibilities that it'll take?" 

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The realtor added that she's also open to the idea of a surrogate "if that's our last resort."

As she noted, "That could be possible, too." 


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Given the personal nature of her baby journey, Mary—who tied the knot with Romain in 2018—took a step back from work and the drama within the Oppenheim Group office to heal during season seven of Selling Sunset, out now on Netflix. And while she considers the latest episodes to be "pretty painful" to watch, Mary wanted to share her story to help others who may be in the same situation.

"It's so common for this to happen to people and it wouldn't be right just to keep it to myself," she said. "From experience, when I talk to other people who have been through it, it heals, it helps and make it feel just more normal."

For more from Mary's interview, tune into E! News tonight, Nov. 7.

An all-new season of Selling Sunset is streaming now on Netflix.

Read on for a closer look inside the cast's love lives:

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